Shoutout to my eraser for being the biggest asshole ever. I trusted you fucker wow.

“I want to draw Anime but I suck”
An autobiography
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Artist diary #7

Me: wow this is so fun I love drawing
Me: *ruins drawing*
Me: wow I hate drawing fuck everything

Also. Colored pencils are assholes. They’re so hard to color with seriously. Layering is hard. Picking colors is hard. And I always break the paper cause I use too many layers and erase again and layer more and shit. Also I want to try new paper but no money.

Off topic ok

Ok let’s talk about tales of xillia 2. After a week I finished the story (I did too many side quests and ended up with around 70 hours of playing or something oops wow). Of course I will play through it again. Until now I thought xillia 1 was a great game. Well shit xillia 2 was so fabulous and perfect I don’t even know how to handle this. Best game I ever played. This story was so hilarious at some points. And then, then the story was so dramatic that it was the second time in my whole life a fictional story ever made me cry. The only other time that happened was when I read Harry Potter years ago. Wow man. This game is love, this game is life. I am overwhelmed and in love with this game. Can I marry it pls. Ok this is getting weird. XD I just hate that -spoiler- so many characters died. Important characters even. Also my favourite character and no that’s not ludger although he was at first. XD (Everyone loves him.) My favorite character in the end is actually Rideaux, he’s the biggest asshole ever but I somehow have a thing for arrogant personalities/men in general it seems, both in fiction and in real life. OTL He seems so underrated. :’c I need more fanart of him to use as phone background. idk sorry I just don’t know anyone else who plays this game so ignore my weird rambling. XD

I forgot to post this here. It’s finished! :3
Almost done with my Lay drawing. >o<
I’m sorry but it seems there is a face on my paper. 😝😄
Gerard doodle finished! Using unusual colors was super fun. Gotta draw more like this.


when youre drawing and something is wrong but you cant figure out what it is