Almost done with my Lay drawing. >o<
I’m sorry but it seems there is a face on my paper. 😝😄
Gerard doodle finished! Using unusual colors was super fun. Gotta draw more like this.


when youre drawing and something is wrong but you cant figure out what it is


Gerard? More like GeRAWRd.
It’s done. Gonna be displayed in Wacken next week. So exciting. :)
Ah so I’m finally ready to announce that I will be showing some art on the Wacken Open Air. There’s always a tent in the outer part of the ‘infield’ where some artist are having an exhibition and this year I’m taking part in it as well. :3 I hope to meet new people and to have fun, if anyone goes there and wants to meet me that’s be cool. Feel free to take a look at my stuff in case you’re there. :)
_____________________________________________________________ Und jetzt nochmal auf deutsch. ^^ Ich hab dieses Jahr die Ehre ein paar meiner Zeichnugen auf dem Wacken Open Air ausstellen zu dürfen, zusammen mit anderen Künstlern. Laut meiner Information wird sich das ganze im Wacken Foundation Zelt befinden, das ist wiederum im Aussenbereich des Infields. Würde mich freuen wenn jemand mal vorbeischaut, wer mal Lust hat sich dort zu Treffen kann mir auch gerne schreiben. :3  #wacken #wackenopenair #woa
Making some progress. :)
Have I defeated the worst art block of all time? I don’t know, but I really hope so.



Giveaway Time
So I saw these posters the other day (funnily enough, it was in another Tumblr giveaway), and since they were a bargain I went ahead and bought the entire set. However, I don’t need twelve posters, so I figured this would be a fun giveaway to do, especially to celebrate reaching two hundred followers! I only just ordered them so I can’t do the giveaway just yet (plus I have to figure out how to ship posters, and I have to explain this to my mom hahaha…I really hope she understands). But at least all that gives this giveaway plenty of time to spread!

Rules of my giveaway
This is only for my followers
It’s to celebrate my followers, after all, so these posters will only go to the people who got me this far. You’re welcome to follow me now and join the giveaway, though.

You must be willing to give me your mailing address
How else am I going to send you your prizes?

I am keeping Lloyd, Luke, Yuri, and Ludger.
Hey, they’re my posters, I get to choose my favorite games, right? Also I may be giving Leon to a friend,  maybe or maybe not. So the characters available are Zelos, Ange, Rita, Raven, Asbel, Alvin, Gaius, and probably Leon.

You can enter up to twice, by liking once and reblogging once. 
Winners will be chosen at random through a generator.

Don’t use giveaway blogs to enter and don’t use extra accounts.
Don’t be greedy, guys!

Got this idea from the last giveaway since I really am curious about this: Why did you decide to follow me? I’d like winners to answer that.
Winners will be first come, first serve for the most part. Here’s how that will work:
Each winner will get two posters, and there will be four winners (unless I give Leon to a friend, then everyone will get one poster). When you send in your poster choices, send in two choices labeled first and second. This way people who come later and may not get their first choice can still get their second choice. I don’t want winners to be stuck with characters from games they never played, I want to keep it fair!

So…like and reblog away! Good luck, guys!

Forgot to say it, so let’s just say this giveaway will go until the end of July!

UPDATE: Leon is available for the taking, everyone!